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Studio (VA28)

The Studio Art major includes courses in painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, installation and
cross-disciplinary art practices. Studio Art classes provide the technical and conceptual skills of
contemporary art production in the context of art history, criticism and theory.


Major Curriculum Sheet:

Please note, the department is implementing changes to the curriculum, be sure to select the appropriate curriculum sheet below. Contact an academic advisor if you are not sure which version of the curriculum you should follow.

For Students Declared Fall 2021 and Later

For Students Declared Fall 2016 to Spring 2021

Students with the major declared prior to Fall 2016 need to contact an academic advisor for the appropriate curriculum sheet.

What specific skills with this program teach students?

  • Technical skills in sculpture, drawing, painting, performance and installation.
  • Contemporary knowledge of artists and current art movements
  • Critical thinking and exploration of new ideas and research.
  • Professional experience exhibiting work

What is this program preparing students to do after graduation?

  • Careers as professional artists
  • Attend national and international graduate programs
  • Careers in galleries, museums and other creative environments
  • Apply creativity to global professional experiences

What equipment, software and tools are utilized in this program?

  • Traditional materials and tools alongside new and advanced technologies
  • Woodshop and metal shop training and access
  • Exhibition Spaces
  • Digital Labs, Photo Labs 
  • 24 hour access to Studio Spaces for art production
  • Access to interdisciplinary cross campus production spaces such as Makers Space & Envision Lab

See some student work!

During the pandemic, we created the Kamil Gallery Online so that students could share their works with the public during lockdown. Some of the group shows can be seen at the links below.

2022 Honors Open Studios

2021 Studio Honors

2021 Honors Open Studios

2020 Studio Honors

2020 Senior Studio

2019 Senior Studio Show

2019 Honors Open Studios