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Gabi Schaffzin



Gabi Schaffzin is an artist, educator, and researcher based in Southern California. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Art History, Art Practice Concentration at University of California, San Diego. He holds a BS in Business Administration from Babson College in Wellesley, a degree he readily admits provides a curious pairing with his MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design's Dynamic Media Institute. His work has been on display in galleries, public space, and at events, including the 2014 IMPAKT Festival in Utrecht. He has had the privilege of speaking at conferences around the country, as well as internationally, appearing on panels at the American Studies Association in 2013, Relating Systems Thinking & Design in Oslo in 2013 and 2014, and speaking at SXSW in Austin in those years, as well.

The primary driver of his art and research is a concern over the way that the forces acting upon our technologically mediated world shape our subjectivity, especially in the contexts of algorithmic inference, the privileging of data over discourse, and—most recently—issues of pain and diagnosis. When he’s not boring you with these topics, he’s probably yelling at the TV as he watches the latest Philadelphia sports meltdown, trying to replicate his mother’s home cooking, traveling with his wife, or swimming (slowly).

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