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The University will reimburse faculty, staff, students, and non-UCSD travelers for allowable expenses incurred when traveling on official University business.


Before booking any travel, your trip should be preauthorized by creating an event number. An event number allows you to book airfare through Connexxus, UC's travel program and charge the expense directly to your fund source rather than pay out of pocket. Other expenses such as hotel and registration can also be pre-paid via the event number rather than using a personal credit card.

  1. Dates: Actual travel dates to/from San Diego
  2. Origin/ Destination: City and State or City and Country – if multiple destinations, please include all locations.
  3. Purpose of Trip: Provide the business purpose of the trip. There should be enough detail to clearly establish the UC San Diego business purpose for the trip connected to the traveler and the traveler type. Do not use acronyms. (eg conducting field research for XYZ, invited guest speaker at XYZ on ABC topic, etc.)
  4. Total Estimated Expenses: Please provide the total estimated cost for the trip including any Lodging, Ground transportation, Registration (if any), Meals and Incidentals, etc.
  5. Fund Source(s): Please provide index/fund source to be liened/reimbursed on. If multiple please provide estimates on each source. If you are unsure, please check with Lawrenz Fortuno.
  6. Supporting Documentation: Please include any documentation of the trip, such as an agenda, conference brochure/schedule, or invitation letter/email. This can be an attachment or link to the web page.
  7. Student Certification for Business Related Travel
    Please complete this form and attach it to the MyTravel trip for any student travel reimbursement that is certified to be business-related travel.
    This certification must be completed by the student and certified by a UC San Diego faculty member/advisor. 


All faculty, graduate students and staff should fill out the Travel reimbursement form [PDF] and submit to Fiscal Support Lawrenz Fortuno. Receipts must be submitted to Lawrenz before the payment will be authorized. All travel receipts are due within 21 calendar days of trip completion. Failing to provide receipts in a timely manner will cause the reimbursement to be taxable.

Travel Resources & FAQ

Additional information on UCSD Travel:

How do I pay for pre-conference expenses such as registration and hotel deposit?

If you have to pre-register for a conference or hotel stay more than 21 days in advance of your travel, you have a couple of options for payment.

  1. You can pay on a personal card.(You will not be reimbursed until after the trip.)
  2. You can request UCSD submit a check on your behalf. Please notify Fiscal Support Lawrenz Fortuno at a minimum of 30 days in advance before the check is due.

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